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trade and other workersSerious and responsible attitude towards work

Confident and optimistic, targeted work plan, a strong sense of responsibility and initiative and teamwork, good interpersonal relationships, like a broad range of knowledge and proficiency in the application of professional knowledge, good spoken English. Worked for one year English teacher, competent English translation, English teaching,Decorating Your Reception Table business secretary , trade and other workersSerious and responsible attitude towards work, good communication, coordination, and have strong organizational skills and teamwork; lively, cheerful, optimistic, motivated , caring and good at teaching parallel; self-motivated, eager to learn the ability to continuously improve their overall quality and .1 I am easygoing, upbeat, honest man, a good work attitude, careful carefullyRalph Lauren Italy , with strong communication skills.
(2) there is a strong sense of service. Able to withstand the pressure of work.
3 has Vouching certificate, documents can be independently produced, with a solid knowledge of international trade and professional skills.
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4 to obtain a certificate of CET-4, with some written in English reading ability. And familiar with office office software.1, can help the designer to convert a single artwork substantial orders. Process while the shoes, shoe deeper understanding.
2, solid professional knowledge, through the English 6.
3, good design and can skillfully operate a variety of drawing office software.
4, there is a strong sense of teamwork, but also able to complete the task!Experience in the past four years correspondents, the IT industry has a good understanding, good writing, is currently about 10 million words published about presentation, leadership and a lot of work by the customers.
Active Learning Network marketing training courses, a basic understanding of SEO and related theories.
Served over 2,000 people at the venue hosted the General Assembly.
Location analysis, product analysis, dissemination of experience with public relations, market-rounder. Plan a Wedding Ceremony
Responsible for product promotion in 2011 app, so that a narrow niche App products within five months of 200,000 installed capacity, and has been recommended Apple app store, reporting directly from the object was promoted to director of marketing for CEO, and App has overall responsibility for product promotion, products and other aspects of work.I am learning the ability to highlight, there are management experience, and work with innovation.
y own perception is:1, in English language skills working in an environment with a solid combination of legal knowledge is the guarantee of professional competence; mature attitude, perseverance and spirit of the foundation of my career.
2, after years of hard work, I still have a firm and progressive heart.

fixed asset management

Has a wealth of sales, sales management and marketing experience.
? a highly effective team leadership.
? have excellent communication skills, with different levels, different cultural backgrounds working partners effective cooperation. Pony Ralph Lauren
? Bachelor of Engineering; and Canada complete the Marketing Diploma Program.
? good character, hard work, good at learning.Ali 5 years management experience in Internet marketing and I have a strong sense of responsibility, good communication ability, full of team spirit; have good communication skills, Perfect Wedding Table Center ability to cooperate, anti-stress, a strong entrepreneurial spirit and ability to learn.
Appreciate the word: a person can go faster, a group of people to go further!
The biggest advantage: execution! Sense of responsibilityAli 5 years management experience in Internet marketing and I have a strong sense of responsibility, good communication ability, full of team spirit; have good communication skills, ability to cooperate, anti-stress, a strong entrepreneurial spirit and ability to learn.
Appreciate the word: a person can go faster, a group of people to go further!
The biggest advantage: execution! Sense of responsibility!Hard practical, easy to get along with others, can be hard, there are finance, international trade, and financial aspects of the learning experience, good spoken English.I worked in the administrative department of foreign companies for nearly 10 years, the world's top 500 European companies and large office the Executive Director and Manager of the factory Choosing Flowers for Your Wedding management experience. Employees in the organization and supervision departments within the purview of the department to complete various tasks, manage security, cleaning, vehicles, canteens, green, drivers, office supplies, development of modified administrative systems, develop annual work plans, the administrative budget, Ralph Lauren camicie monitoring update the company's license, fixed asset management, travel management, expatriate visa management, supplier management, organizational annual planning of large companies, new company registration, renovation, moving, opening of the new company, etc., have accumulated a certain amount of management work experience.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Full-timeDesired Position

German Master Degree of Business Information SystemBusiness Information System and Business Administration double backgroundAnalytical, logical, innovative thinkingExcellent negotiation abilityExcellent time ed hardy hoodiesand goal managementStrong conflict management and risk analysisExcellent communication and presentation skillsStrong responsibility, proactive team playerNegotiation level German in write and verbalNegotiation level English in write and verbaled hardy underwear
Career Objective:
Desired Type of Employment: Full-timeDesired Position: Automobile、Business/Purchasing/Trade、Finance/Bank/Security/Investment、 Computer Software & Hardware/Internet/IT、ConsultantDesired Industry: Computer Hardware, Network Equipment、IT Service/General IT、Finance/Banking/Investmented hardy trousers/Fund/Securities、Consulting/Legal /Accounting、ed hardyAutomobile、Computer Software、Internet/E-Commerce、Instruments and Meters & Industrial Automationlacoste polo shirts、Advertising/Exhibitions/Public Relations/Marketing、Processing & Manufacturingfriend
fly bird
where are you?

and have the basic skill in communication with foreigners

l Two years work experience in test tool development and one year work experience in test.
l Being quite familiar with automationnike tn software design and test tool system design flow.
l Having much knowledge and experience of WCMA communication protocol including TCP/IP protocol and application layer football jerseys
l CET-6 certification, good at reading and communication.
l Good analysis anded hardy shirts problem solving skills; working under pressure.During my four-year study I tried to be an excellent student. I studied English well and passed the national College English Test for Band 4.I'm good at reading and written English, and have the basic skill in communication with foreigners.I am accomplished in in mandarin and Cantonese also.I specialize in computer application ed hardy clothesas well as nfl jerseys I like reading,and I write in an easy and fluent style.

where am i?
your best friend
-- poem

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


And within the past year, President Barack Obama has overseen a government overhaul of the health-care system, a federal lifeline that saved General Motors and a rescue of the nation's biggest financial institutions. dreams will keep me young
Most of this has happened because the U.S. was prosperous enough to finance more government services, and because Americans like them, even when they claim they don't. Red states such as Texas and Alaska have been happy to take inever grow oldn massive inflows of federal dollars, even while pretending they hate federal intrusions.Now, the fiscal reality has changed, not just because of the recession but because of demographic and structural changes, and years of avoiding hard decisions. Some government services being cut now will be restored as the economy improves, of course, but hard decisions will have to be made.In theory, lots of Americans will say they actually want the govpassionernment to do less. In a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, earlier this year,eternity Americans said by 59% to 35% that the government was doing too much to solve national problems, and should leave more things to businesses and individuals. fantastic
But it is one thing to say government should do less, and another thing when services actually are cut. When the state of Virginia last year decided to cope with its budget problems in part by closing rest stops on highways, there was an uproar. A new conservative governor has just reopened And we are all familiar by now with the stories of people who proclaim that the government should stay out of health care, but shouldn't touch their Medicare coverage, which is, of course, the biggest of all government health programs. Nor do people often recognize what government is doing in the background of their daily lives; those who travel to tea-party rallies to protest government spending get there on roads a government has paved.The choice isn't between active or passive government; government can be active through regulation and social engineering while spending less, or passive while doling out big benefits. The keys are making government smarter in delivering services, and deciding what's possible after the fiscal house is put in order.
The first step in doing that should be a commission Mr. Obama has launched to deal with the federal deficit; the panel is about to start working. Both parties are participating, but doing so only warily. That commission, though, could be the first step toward a sane transition to a new era of government in America.

How to Pick a Solid Sector Fund

Investing in sector funds seems deceptively easy, but history has shown that investors usually make a mess of things. Many sector fund investors have lousy timing, and their choice of funds isn't all that great, either. To see a world in a grain of sand
To understand why, it helps to begin by considering the motivations of fund companies in offering sector funds and of investors in buying them. All too often, the common denominator is greed rather than a convergence of long-term profit maximizing by the two parties.
On the one hand you have investors who readto one person you may be the world about all the good things going on in an industry. They see business is booming and long-term macro trends are supporting that growth so that it looks like the trend could last a long time. At about the same time, stocks and funds focused on that who is falling in love with my smileindustry are putting up big returns. This triggers envy because investors wish they had been there and greed because they figure they can get rich, too, by hopping on the bandwagon. In fact, the longer a trend goes on, the greater the inflows into a sector's funds becomes. here is just some code
The catch is that Wall Street is aware of all that good news and has already priced it into the prices of the stocks in the industry. Don't cry, smileIn fact, Wall Street probably learned about it before you did. Let's look at a hypothetical example on a sector that's not actually hot. Say, for example, that the aging of America is expected to lead to a 50% increase in spending on pharmaceuticals over the next five years and drug companies' profits would also rise 50%. (I'm pulling these figures out of the air.) That good news would be priced into the stocks today, so that the stocks would only go up more if it turned out that profits rose by more than that 50%.
Fund companies know this, too, but they also know that they can make a fast buck by selling new or already existing sector funds to greedy investors. So, the fund companies where employees are most focused on short-term profitability typically roll out trendy sector funds. Generally, the more responsible fund companies will refrain from doing this because they know that there’s a good chance the fund will do terribly and shareholders will be steamed.So, as I said above, you have a convergence of fund companies and investors who are interested in a fast buck. We know the results aren't pretty because we've seen it happen time and again. In one study, we looked at when sector funds are rolled out and found they were a contrary indicator of a sector's prospects. Why? They launched belatedly and essentially enabled fundholders to buy high. And to make matters worse, investors--after realizing that they've been burned--subsequently sell at the worst possible time.


5, Follow and analyze the problemsnorth face jackets happened during the development, and then take the correct action to solve them in time. Discuss some critical issue or product structure issue with customer.6, Arrange the pilot run of molding, follow the schedule, deal with the problem happened in process, so that nike running shoescustomer’s requirement will be achieved on time with quality.7, Arrange ECN from customer, and then provide the ECN scheme, quotation& L/T to customer.8, Verify tooling, product and process, after customer fully qualify them, the whole project transfer into mass production.9, Follow the process and make it smooth. Continue improvement, in order to increase effect and decrease cost.
10, Arrange, coordinate and supervise the jobs of team members to make sure the tasks can be completed successfully. ed hardy clothes
Three .1999/10/--2003/03/:ChengMing electronic Co.,LTD, engineering department: project engineer (supervisor).nike running shoes
Responsibility:In charge of project development, and guarantee smooth production.1, Introduce new projects including plastic part, stamping part and out sourcing part, then establish BOM according to customer’s part list.2, Monitor the schedule of tooling fabrication, arrange FOT ,then sent the samples of new project to customer.3, Review the problems of the product and mold, make correct solution, and monitor the schedule of improvement.4, Improve various production process, including ed hardy clothes
molding, stamping and assembly.5, Make and provide QP documents & samples to get customers approval, so that the project can be transferred to mass production. 6, Continue the improvement to enhance efficiency and yield rate of production.7, Arrange, coordinate and supervise the jobs of team members to make sure tasks can be completed.